Imagine controlling many aspects of your home from all your entertainment needs to home security, all condensed in one device, your Desktop PC. It would be the ideal solution, not only are you combining the flexible aspects of Custom Desktop PCs, such as access to the latest and greatest technology on demand or endless adaptability, but also do away with the long list of individual devices currently in the market required to achieve such a feat, which do nothing more than clutter your living room.

Home Theater 2

We are working hard on bringing this vision to light. It will require some ingenuity, lots of hardware tinkering and some light coding, but the end result should be a system that can be accessed both from a Custom Built Desktop PC (which shall also work as a server) and any mobile device.

Home Theater 3

We are already able to condense all media entertainment and productivity aspects of a household inside a PC; such TV, DVR, streaming, home theater, video gaming (This includes virtual reality and Steam), video editing, music production and office work.

The user will be able to turn the lights on and off, lock the door, arm the security system, check his video surveillance, control the thermostat and even lower or raise his window blinds. All of this from the comfort of his phone and a reliable-space-saving-good-looking-Custom-built PC.

Home theater

Your desktop computer should be your own personal and secure server, where you can play, work and relax knowing that you are in total control of your own home.

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