A demonstration video of a custom-built PC gaming capabilities on 3 monitors at the same time.

In this particular scenario a powerful graphics card and 3 1080p monitors drive this particular ending sequence of the game Shadow Warrior. Only custom desktop PCs can strike the perfect balance between affordability and cutting edge technology.


How well can a PC sound? Can I do Home Theater with a Custom-Built PC with the same quality of a high end system for way less? Yes you can.

This is a 5.1 Surround sound system equipped with an Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card, a Yamaha RX-V373 receiver and Energy Take 5.1 speakers. If you wish to emulate the sound quality of this 5.1 system you would have to pay at least 3 times as much. The reason is simple, a PC system provides a high degree of flexibility which frees you from restrictive proprietary tech and lets you mix and match any components that you wish.