Building PCs is our life long passion. We love tinkering with hardware and the latest technologies. We guarantee that any system that you build through us will be at least 1.5 times faster than any retail system you buy at the same price point.


The parts are selected from trusted retailers and have the best overall costumer reviews.

All components carry individual manufacturer warranties of at least 3 years minimum. We also fully support any issues that might arise with the build for 1 year free of charge.

All builds are catered to your specific needs, such as office work, video editing, photo editing, gaming, home theater or media center.

Build 2

All builds include the best antivirus, malware, and system maintenance solutions in the market (Paid or free alternatives depending on your preference). You will be instructed on how to main your PC in a healthy state by learning to how to safely use the internet, how to safeguard your information and proper use of the system’s maintenance apps.

All these systems are fully customizable and do not require the purchase of a brand new device when your current one is outdated or damaged; a simple swap of components is enough to fully revitalize your PC and bring it up to par with the latest tech.