If you need a security cameras to monitor your home or business we provide three types of security cameras: IP Cameras, Close Circuit TV cameras (CCTV), and Hidden Cameras. All of these system have their advantages depending on your budget and security needs.

IP Cameras are the most modern solution out there, these are their features:


  • They provide the highest resolution (up to 4k).
  •  Do not require power cables thanks to the use of power of the internet (PoE).
  • Offer remote viewing through any device that can use a browser.
  • Can store video footage at a remote location, such as a laptop or a desktop computer.
  • Include advanced features such, as motion detection, analytics or remote focus.
  • Can employ a wireless or Ethernet connectivity.
  • Offer 2 way audio for remote communication.
  • Can connect a virtually unlimited number of cameras to the network, which is only restricted your internet bandwidth limitations.

CCTV Cameras are the oldest and most prevailing type of system that has evolved with time. They are often used by government agencies, banks and retailers and are often placed in conspicuous places to serve as a deterrent:


  • They run on a closed circuit system which means that the video feed is sent to location in the vicinity, where it is constantly monitored by a user.
  • Video is recorded on a DVR which can be connected to the internet for remote viewing capabilities.
  • Uses television broadcast signals, which means internet access is not required.
  • Offers 2 way audio.

Hidden Cameras are usually used to catch illegal activities or inappropriate behavior. They can serve as a worthy companion to enhance your overall security coverage of IP or CCTV cameras or a combination of all of the above. They offer some key point advantages over the two aforementioned systems:

Hidden Cameras
  • They can be disguised as innocuous devices, such as smoke detectors or radios.
  • Able to cover blind spots that conventional cameras can’t reach.
  •  They don’t require any cables. They run on batteries.