Discover why Desktop PCs hold the key to the future!

Let us build you a PC with the best quality and performance for your budget. Desktop PCs have been on the side lines for far too long. Their true potential dismissed by lack of understanding. Our aim is to make it easy for the general consumer to truly understand their power to make our lives even more productive, fun and safe.


Custom built desktop computers come in many sizes and shapes. One thing remains constant among all of them; Their performance is second to none. Be more productive get your work done quicker and more efficiently. Find out more


Custom built desktop PCs can provide unparalleled sound quality for your home theater. They give you unrivaled graphics and gaming experiences that no game console in the market can ever hope to match. Custom Built PCs can also be connected to very large screens or projectors for a great movie experience. Check it out

Always Upgradable

Forget about buying a new computer every time your old one dies or becomes outdated, Custom built PCs never go out of style or usefulness! You can always replace all of their components unlike common retail Desktop PCs. How it works

Environmentally Conscious

Due to the modular aspects of custom built desktop PCs their environmental footprint is greatly reduced. All of their components can be easily recycled or reused by other desktop systems. The reason is simple; they are not bound by proprietary tech which renders each component obsolete when used in a different desktop PC. Find out how

IT Solutions

Over 17 years of experience working with computer hardware and software.
Build your own PC tailored to your needs

Build your own PC tailored to your needs

Decide on the computer that is best for your workflow and your budget.

Fix your computer problems

Fix your computer problems

- Virus infections
- Performance issues.
- Data recovery.
- Printer, scanner issues.
- Security and encryption.
- And much more.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Set up a robust security system for your home or office and monitor activity remotely through any device with web-browsing capabilities.

Network Deployment

Network Deployment

- Set up your home or business network infrastructure.
- Troubleshoot network security problems.


The things we busy ourselves with in our spare time!

The House Automation project

Imagine controlling many aspects of your home from all your entertainment needs to home security, all condensed in one device, your Desktop PC. It would be the ideal solution, not only are you combining the Read more…