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We have decided to create a game for virtual reality

We have always been avid video gamers since a very young age. We used to make custom maps for Starcraft and Doom back in the 90s. But now, we are serious about making a game ourselves. We have decided to create a title for virtual reality.

The game will be a sandbox Role Playing Game (RPG) compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The script will be based on the world of Politics in United States, the global relationship between multinational corporations and politicians all over the world. The game will also inject a healthy dose conspiracy theories about The New World Order, The Lizard People, Chemtrails, The Illuminati, Nibiru and much more. We will share our progress with you guys. Wish us luck!

We have shared some media here to satisfy your curiosity.

Here we are deploying the software development kit (SDK). Basically, installing the tools required to get the project started.

We are employing Crystal to generate the game maps.

The engine is generating random maps based on specific criteria at a rate of more than 10.000 per second.

And here we are testing the graphic engine as well as the map creation tool.

To be continued. Leave a comment below.

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