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The Crypto mining craze is over?

2017-06-28 19.04.26
Our mining rig equipped with 6 NVIDIA GTX 1070s graphics cards. Hashing at 196 Mhs and drawing 860w from the wall.

Yup, you guest it, we are crazy about cryto, we have been for many years.

The cryto-currency market has been in a downward slope for most of the year now, which is why many miners have stopped mining altogether, as result lots of GPUs are flooding the market again. GPU pricing have finally returned to normal, and after more than a year of sky-high prices graphics cards are affordable once again.

How long will GPU prices stay the same? It is hard to say but we are very certain that once the FED approves the Bitcoin ETF, Ethereum and all other secondary currencies will follow suit.

The moral of the story is: upgrade your GPUs while they are cheap. We certainly are doing so and getting ready for the next mining craze!

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